The Impact of FRBR in Argentina: implementation of a model based on FRBR-ER, CRM and FRBR-OO at CAICYT-CONICET

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This article presents a computer science design for the registry of documentary material based on models FRBR-ER, CIDOC CRM and FRBR-OO that is being developed in CAICYTCONICET. The proposal leaves from the first group of entities defined by the model FRBR-ER (Work, Expression, Manifestation and Item) and incorporates some of the proposals of the other
two models. In general, it rescues of these models the use of object paradigm, which leads to a more rigorous definition of concepts. It takes from them, among other things, the modelization of events, which allows the representation of the documents in its temporary process. It tries to deepen in other aspects that have not been treated by FRBR-OO yet: the lack of exhaustive classification, ontological status of the Item and its relation with the physical support, the problem of the responsibility and the function of the responsible and the problem of the names. Since the
presented product is being used in CAICYT-CONICET’s databases of argentine ISSN center, this article details the approach of the model to the problem of the series. Finally, some particularitities of the implementation are mentioned: use of the Smalltalk language, his dialect of opened source code, Squeak, and independent frameworks that has been developed: Atón and Smallfaces.

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Manzanos, Norberto, “The Impact of FRBR in Argentina: implementation of a model based on FRBR-ER, CRM and FRBR-OO at CAICYT-CONICET,” COMCIENT: repositorio institucional del CAICYT especializado en información y comunicación científica, consulta 26 de mayo de 2024,

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